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4Life Direct Logo

The 4Life International Group is a leading international financial services group, specialising in the distribution and servicing of life and personal accident insurance products for the European market via direct-to-consumer strategies. For this reason, they work directly with insurance companies to develop products and distribution models that are simple, easy to understand, affordable and convenient. Generating leads through television advertising, digital media and direct mail, with an emphasis on maintaining very high levels of service accessibility, has meant that they have become one of Europe’s leading direct distributors of life and personal accident insurance products. 

The Group has operations in the UK, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and has been contacted by over a million people in these countries since they started in 2009. The Group is notified with the relevant financial services authority in each country that it operates. They have an enviable reputation for how they conduct their business, and are considered to be leaders in the direct marketing of life and personal accident insurance.

Visit the 4Life International website for more information, or click on the following links to visit 4Life Direct PolandHungaryCzech RepublicSlovakia or Greece.