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Shaun Cawdery

Managing Director

Shaun Cawdery started his career in Gibraltar in the early 2000s in the audit industry, focusing largely on insurance companies and investment funds. After 12 years in audit, during which Shaun had developed a core portfolio of insurance clients in his role as Audit Director, he moved into insurance management and assisted a number of general insurers particularly with the transition to Solvency II. Shaun developed an expertise in the Solvency II standard formula, developing a tailored modelling pillar 1 tool for his clients, which integrated the GAAP and SII balance sheets and the technical elements of the pillar 3 reporting.

Shaun was elected as the Chairman of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council in June 2022, having previously been Chair of the Gibraltar Insurance Association. In his role as Managing Director, Shaun has a key focus on developing and managing our network of insurance partnerships, with a keen attention on policyholder value and the customer journey through the insurance distribution chain.

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